The story behind "I Do Belong To You"

The song "I do belong to you" is very special to me. It is the first song I wrote to my wife, when she was just an amazing woman that I knew I wanted.

We met through my best friend but in a pretty special way. I was at my friend´s place drinking beer and playing guitar and he had a Skype date with this “crazy Russian girl” who hopefully would come visit him again in Stockholm. She was at work skyping with us (the time difference is 9 hours between San Francisco and Stockholm) and we had a great time. I was intrigued by her personality, found her very charming and funny and honestly very sexy as well. My friend thought I would like Katja but he never expected what happened next.

She added me on Facebook the next day and a few days later we started to do video calls on Skype. A month goes by and we talk every day pretty much. Another month passes and now we´re starting to talk about her staying with me instead of my friend if she actually comes to Stockholm. Every day I´m looking forward to come home so I can turn on my computer and talk to Katja. After three months of Skype she finally arrives in Stockholm and I get to see her in real life for the first time. We´re both nervous but everything feels perfect and we just can´t stop smiling at each other. The second day after her arrival I tell her that I think I´m in love with her. She answers that she feels the same about me. After a beautiful week it is time for her to go back home.

The moment after she takes her taxi to go back to the airport and San Francisco I pick up my guitar and start writing "I do belong to you". It only takes me a few hours and after recording it on my Macbook I email it to her. I text her saying: You´ve got mail.

Durango Recording booked for 5th and 6th of June

In the beginning of June I will go back to Stockholm to record an EP with my friends who used to play live with me. I tried to do this several years ago but it took a move across the world to be able to finally organize it. I´m super stoked and excited that Andreas Dahlbäck (Eskobar, Ulf Lundell, Veronica Maggio amongst other great Swedish artists/bands) will be engineering and mixing the EP. We will record as much as possible live because I love the magic that happens when people play together. We haven´t played together for over 2 years but will all prepare on our own before our one and only rehearsal a few days before we enter the studio. Can´t wait to show you the result and please wish us luck!

New single “Sorry”

After many years of waiting I have decided to properly release my first single, Sorry. It will be available on all major digital sites on Feb 1. It will have a B-side as well, Friends Or Lovers. Sorry was recorded in A-Stream studios in Stockholm with my best friend Martin Ekman. It was mixed by myself, Martin Ekman and Henrik Åström. Friends Or Lovers was recorded in Shortlist Studios, Stockholm, with Leon Hallén as engineer and coproducer. It was mixed by myself and Christian Ramefelt.