The story behind "I Do Belong To You"

The song "I do belong to you" is very special to me. It is the first song I wrote to my wife, when she was just an amazing woman that I knew I wanted.

We met through my best friend but in a pretty special way. I was at my friend´s place drinking beer and playing guitar and he had a Skype date with this “crazy Russian girl” who hopefully would come visit him again in Stockholm. She was at work skyping with us (the time difference is 9 hours between San Francisco and Stockholm) and we had a great time. I was intrigued by her personality, found her very charming and funny and honestly very sexy as well. My friend thought I would like Katja but he never expected what happened next.

She added me on Facebook the next day and a few days later we started to do video calls on Skype. A month goes by and we talk every day pretty much. Another month passes and now we´re starting to talk about her staying with me instead of my friend if she actually comes to Stockholm. Every day I´m looking forward to come home so I can turn on my computer and talk to Katja. After three months of Skype she finally arrives in Stockholm and I get to see her in real life for the first time. We´re both nervous but everything feels perfect and we just can´t stop smiling at each other. The second day after her arrival I tell her that I think I´m in love with her. She answers that she feels the same about me. After a beautiful week it is time for her to go back home.

The moment after she takes her taxi to go back to the airport and San Francisco I pick up my guitar and start writing "I do belong to you". It only takes me a few hours and after recording it on my Macbook I email it to her. I text her saying: You´ve got mail.